Concesionaria Hospital Universitario Son Espases | Support services to hospitals
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  • Direct involvement with our providers
  • Global assistance in all our services
  • Thorough quality controls
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Sustainability and respect for the environment
  • State-of-the-art technological equipment

Our mission

Working for people means working with an attention to detail in every single job and in all the challenges of everyday life. With this aim in mind, we apply a series of basic values in everything we do in order to offer the best of ourselves to our users, workers and patients. We look towards the future in a sustainable way.


871 90 99 90

  • Entire construction of Son Espases University Hospital
  • Selection, coordination and management of non-clinical services
  • Implementation of internal information systems
  • Management of the performance of all the centre’s resources
  • Application and control of security systems
  • Design of process management systems

The Concession Company of Son Espases University Hospital guarantees the correct performance of all the non-clinical services offered at the largest hospital of the Balearic Islands. Its main aim is to offer all the necessary support services for a better performance of the care, research and teaching activities offered at the hospital.


  • To make Son Espases University Hospital a reference centre
  • To guarantee the full satisfaction of all our users
  • To get the maximum resource optimisation without endangering quality
  • To seek excellence in all our services
  • To get the maximum quality certifications
  • To protect the environment and contribute to the future of the Balearic society

The commitment of the Concession Company of Son Espases University Hospital reaches beyond our direct workers and providers, the users of the hospital (including patients, relatives and workers) and the whole society of the Balearic Islands. Going beyond the required standard and making the hospital a reference of excellence in all senses is part of our DNA.