Son Espases Hospital Services | Non-clinical services for hospitals
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Quality and Commitment

Patients' feeding needs

Global management of the patients' feeding needs at Son Espases University Hospital (HUSE). The hospital food service covers the entire process, from the provision of raw materials for the elaboration of the menus and their perfect preservation to meals distribution at ward.

Linen and Laundry

We offer a global laundry managing service for the cleaning of all the linen, towels, serviettes, blankets and other textiles used in the different activities of the hospital. The service also includes the provision of all the linen and uniforms of Son Espases University Hospital and a professional sewing service.

Sterilisation and cleaning

We offer sterilisation service of all the reusable healthcare products with guaranty of full asepsis. We provide all the necessary equipment, material and products for the sterilisation process, carried out in accordance with the scheduled activity. Likewise, we are responsible for providing the highest cleanliness level in all the facilities and areas of Son Espases University Hospital.


Global management of the security of the hospital. This security service aims at guaranteeing and safeguarding the order, personal integrity and belongings of the users of Son Espases University Hospital (patients, workers, visitors, etc), as well as any type of public or private property at the site of the hospital.

General maintenance

We offer the global maintenance service of the building and its technical facilities. The aim is to maintain the same structural, functional and security features defined in the initial project and its subsequent revisions, therefore complying with the established technical requirement.


We are responsible for the maintenance, development and improvement of the indoor and outdoor gardens of the hospital. In addition, we carry out a scheduled regular preventive and corrective maintenance activity to keep all the green areas of Son Espases University Hospital in perfect condition.

Library and printing management

Global management of the library of Son Espases University Hospital. This service also helps professionals working at the hospital find the necessary bibliography for their research in Health Sciences. It also includes printing service: photocopies, bookbinding, internal documents management, offset printing...

Clinical records file management

We organise and manage the clinical records file and other clinical and administrative documentation of Son Espases University Hospital. This service also includes the deposit and custody of the documentation that is determined to be passive by the hospital with the maximum guaranties.

Waste management

At CHUSE we guarantee a safe, hygienic and efficient management service of the waste generated at the reference hospital of the Balearic Islands, as well as in other centres within its jurisdiction. We take care to ensure that the management follows all the necessary steps, from the generation of waste at the place of origin to its disposal.

Debug and rat extermination

Sociedad Concesionaria Hospital Universitario Son Espases offers a professional debug and rat extermination service at all the indoor and outdoor hospital facilities. We also keep the site free of animals that may endanger the normal functioning of the hospital, by sanitising all the necessary areas.


Management and control of all the parking spaces of Son Espases University Hospital site. This parking service includes the traffic control in the parking site and the necessary administrative work.

Nursery and playroom

The aim of this service is to cover the educational and care needs of children 0 to 3 attending the nursery education centre located at Son Espases University Hospital. On the other hand, the playroom is a space especially designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Television, telephony and Internet

The aim of this service is to provide television and telephony services in all the rooms and common areas of the hospital. The service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Vending machines

We are responsible for the correct installation of beverage (hot and cold) and food vending machines. These machines are located in the hospital's common areas, in different wards and areas. We take care of their operation, replenishment and adequate maintenance.

Café-Restaurant and External Dining Room

The café-restaurant and external dining room service at Son Espases University Hospital offers meals to the hospital personnel and to the general public. We take care of ensuring an adequate customer service and providing adapted and healthy menus.

Commercial premises

Sociedad Concesionaria Hospital Universitario Son Espases manages the different commercial premises at the hospital's site available to the centre's users and workers. The main aim is to guarantee an adequate access to specific services, items or products without the need to leave the hospital.